The puzzle of life.

Musthaq Ahamad  •  Jan 24, 2023

Thoughts about life, memories, people and everything in between

Some of the biggest lessons I have learnt in recent years is that life is a painting put together with pieces and parts of a puzzle we solve.

We are in a constant run to find bits and pieces to complete the puzzle, sometimes desperate to find certain pieces, sometimes certain pieces you find by surprise, luck, gratitude, help and sometimes you lose some pieces, but you still try to finish the puzzle piece by piece.

It's a painting of your life. Sometimes people come in to help you get the beautiful parts together, sometimes you meet the wrong people and get wrong pieces in place, sometimes the people you are with might not have the pieces you are looking for, sometimes people come to break things apart, but you still try to hold the pieces together and remember them as parts of the bigger picture as the easiest and hardest to put together.

There will be parts you couldn't complete because you lost the pieces, and there will be parts of your picture you completed with borrowed and gifted pieces, and there will be parts of your picture that you couldn't complete because the pieces wouldn't fit.

puzzle of life

At the end of everything the people around you will remember you for the painting you were able to finish with the pieces you had. Some of us get it all, some nothing, some makes it a masterpiece, some mess it all up.

At the end of it all, you should be proud of all the pieces you put together, the roads you have taken to find them, the people you have met to help you find them, and pieces you held close no matter how often it kept falling apart.

We have a limited number of days, every day in your life is an opportunity to find the piece of the puzzle. You got a huge canvas to fill... will most of it be empty? Will the parts you filled make sense? Are there parts that make you feel like you don't want to look at them again? Are there parts you keep admiring and want to look at over and over again? are there missing pieces you are waiting for someone to help you finish? Are there pieces you hold that could help someone else to paint a better picture?

Now you might ask, "What are these pieces of my puzzle?". Are they experiences? Are they emotions? Are they feelings? Maybe while reading this post till here, you might have run through the pieces of your puzzle in your mind, you know what these pieces are, you know what are the pieces you are trying to find and what are missing.

So, what are you waiting for?